Shy Cub

Written by Lucia on .

Hi Lucia,
I'm 25 years old and kind of shy. There is a pretty gal that I work with, who somewhat resembles you...she is 40 years of age. I am very attracted to her. Occasionally her and I have small-talk. I wish I had the courage to eventually ask her out. What should I do? Kenny
Hi Kenny,
Before asking her out, ask yourself if things would be awkward if you dated and things didn't work out. No one wants to go to a job where they have to see an ex that they wish they were still dating or vice versa. If it's not against company policy and you'll be okay with whatever the outcome is, then go for it.
The good news is that she probably already knows you're interested in her. The bad news is that if she hasn't already made the move herself, then it will be up to you.

Since you are shy, the best way to do it would be to ask her out without really asking her out. That means, pay attention to your conversations. If she mentions a movie she'd like to see or of an event /restaurant she's been thinking of checking out, that's your cue to say something like, "We should check it out sometime" or "We should go there sometime".

You'll know by her reaction whether she wants to go out with you or not. If she says something like, "That would be great", you've got to green light. If she seems hesitant it means she's not interested or she could already be involved with someone else.


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