My 22-Year-Old Cub Wants to Marry Me

Written by Lucia on .

Hello, Lucia,
I am a 36 year-old woman who is heavily involved with a 22 year old. I have been divorced for 2 1/2 yrs., and have 2 beautiful little girls. I've been seeing my gorgeous, younger guy for almost a year and a half.
When we met, I was only divorced a short while and was merely looking for a good time, and so was he. I must admit, I am a beautiful, sexy woman, who knows what I want, and have a reputation as a heartbreaker. I have always refused to let a man make a fool out of me, because I have always known my value. I am, however, deeply in love with my cub. We are so close, best friends, and have the best sex imaginable.
I tried, for the first year, to end our relationship, but he is so head-strong, and has a way with me, like no other. He refused to let me go. My family loves him, and his family loves me. I have actually become extremely close to his mother. He is so wonderful to my girls. He has really become like a second father to them. He is not a big partier, and always, always comes straight home to me. He has NEVER put me off so he can be with his friends, and I have NEVER had a reason not to trust him.
He says he wants to marry me, eventually, and wants us to have a child together. I never bring up marriage, or really discuss it with him at all. He is a very hard worker, and his mother says, he always has been. He helps me with my bills around the house, and he is my handy-man. He truly is an old-soul, and the best partner I could possibly ask for. He says he had been drinking, and partying since he was 15, and that it made him miserable.
I would love to marry him in a couple of years, but, rightfully so, am scared to death of making a mistake. I have read your past blogs about men not really being ready until 25. If this is wrong for me and my girls, I need to figure it out now. Thanks so much, Lucia...I really enjoy your blog. Felicia
Hi Felicia,
Wow, I have to admit, this guy sounds like a dream. He seems to be the ideal partner except for the fact that he's only 22, old soul or not. Not only are most guys under 25 not ready to be married, their decision making ability (pre-frontal cortex) isn't fully formed until then.
Although you mentioned wanting another child, that's never a good reason to speed things up. I would suggest you continue to date for a couple of years and see how you both feel at that time. If things are as great as they sound, then time will only bring you closer together.
Good luck and thanks for showing the world that younger men who date older women are not just doing it for the sex – some of them actually want serious relationships!
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